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    We've got a top-notch team!

    Region 1

    Region 2

    Region 3

  • Region 1

    We've got a top-notch team!

    Rodney Boyer

    4-year term

    Fiscal Responsibility: Prudent spending
    Academic Success: Provide resources for our students to excel
    Student Programs and Activities: Maintain and improve curricular and co-curricular programs

    Melody McWherter

    2-year term

    As the Mom of two recent Boyertown graduates, I have come to realize how important public education is not only to our students but to the whole community as well. We need to ensure that we remain fiscally responsible while managing our growth and giving our students the same opportunities that my own children had.

  • Region 2

    We've got a top-notch team!

    Heather Stehman

    Parent. Advocate. Volunteer.

    I am deeply committed to the to the future and success of our district as a parent and resident. I support providing our students with a well-rounded 21st century education, being fiscally-responsible and long-term planning is needed for our growing district.

    Lisa Hogan

    A little about me....

    I am running for School Board in Boyertown—a strong public education system is essential to the growth and success of our students and well-being of our community. As the parent of three children in our schools and a recent graduate, I passionately advocate for public education. It is important for parents to be active in the district, including being on the school board. The board needs to make fiscally sound budget decisions and be committed to high educational standards. If elected, I am committed to working with the community, other board members, and the administration. I will make responsible and informed decisions on behalf of my constituents and the community and work toward the tradition of excellence for which our school district is known.

  • Region 3

    We've got a top-notch team!

    Bryan Lees

    Education First

    I have decided to run for School Board Director because I believe that the cornerstone of a strong community is a thriving public school district. I strongly support public education and believe it is important to have a portion of the board positions filled by those who have children enrolled in the Boyertown Area School District. The school board makes decisions that have long-term implications for students, tax payers, and the community as a whole. I will approach this position with an open mind and make objective, informed decisions based on the information presented by the superintendent and his administration.

    Brian Hemingway

    I believe that a strong community is built and maintained through positive involvement and communication between residents, businesses,municipalities, clubs and the hub of our community; our schools. Originally from Baltimore Maryland, I have lived in the Boyertown area School district since 1995. I am a parent of two Boyertown graduates and a current 4th grader at New Hanover Upper Frederick Elementary. I have earned a BS degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Environmental Design. I also have a specialization in Contracting and Management. I own and operate Hemingway Landscape & Construction and also have the privilege to substitute teach K-12 in all subjects for Boyertown area schools. I am a member of New Hanover United Methodist Church. I have served on the YMCA Board of Directors and held an appointed seat on the New Hanover Township Sewer Authority. I have coached and volunteered for many of the area sports and clubs and enjoy being involved in the band and orchestra programs at Boyertown. It has been a pleasure to be actively involved in my community. I have had the privilege to watch and participate in the experiences and growth of many of our local young adults. My family has benefited from all that Boyertown School district has to offer. I am obligated to protect opportunities, encourage student growth, and strive for a community of excellence not only for my 4th grader but for the success of graduates to come. I believe in fair decision making and understand the fiscal balance to work towards to ensure health and security for a strong competent and thriving community.

  • Please vote on November 5th!

    Need to know more about ALL the candidates?

    Boyertown School Board Candidates Forum

    All candidates were invited.

    Attending community members submitted questions.

    Listen to the recorded forum at:



    This forum was held prior to the Primary Election on Sunday, May 5th at 7:00pm at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, located at 45 N. Reading Ave., Boyertown (near the State Theater)

    About 50 community members attended and submitted questions which were read by Rev. Machamer and posed to all candidates.

    Candidates in Attendance:

    Region 1: Rod Boyer

    Region 2: Heather Stehman, Lisa Hogan, Jim Brophy

    Region 3: Brian Lees, Bryan Hemingway, Roger Updegrove

    Candidates not in Attendance:

    Region 1: Melody McWherter (due to a death in the family) & Chris Neiman (no reason provided)


    Election Guide 2019 : Boyertown School Board - Primary Election

    All candidates for contested seats were invited to answer 2 questions. All candidates took the opportunity to respond except for Roger Updegrove.



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